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About YOU

We put a very high premium on our time. So don’t waste it. In the interest of our time and your money, do move on if you are:

Looking to compete instead of create

Looking at vanity metrics

A believer of product-market fit

Not looking to conquer uncharted territory

Lacking the balls (pardon our French) to take risks.

If you are still reading this...

Cue the violins, seems like we
have a true believer in our midst.

We are unapologetic, straight-talking, no bullshit believers in the power of Impact-Driven Category Design and its ability to create market share.
“...category queens earned 76 percent of the market capitalization of their entire market categories.” – Christopher Lochhead
Category Leader

What we can do for your business

Having been successful sales and marketing professionals we were frustrated in our mutual consulting gigs. Why? Most CXOs are “me too” and are looking to just compete and not create and dominate. We are no longer interested in growth hacks that increase pipeline value. It’s underwhelming and boring. Any competent trained monkey can do it!

BTW... We Only Work With

companies that are operating in one or more of these spaces
Smart Protein

Companies focussed on feeding the planet sustainably by working in plant-based meat, cell-based meat, diary, eggs, seafood and supporting technologies.

Conscious Capitalism

Companies operating under the premise that good business creates value, is ethical, seeks to elevate human existence by creating equity and equality for all.

Extinction Emergency

Companies engaged in delivering creative virtuous solutions to avert the ongoing sixth mass extinction and future pandemics.

Elemental Tech

Companies working on renewable and regenerative technologies, methodologies and processes that are essential to nature and life on the earth - like water, air, energy and soil.

We are brilliant creative individuals looking
to create the next impact-driven category king/queen.

If you have are looking to have a purposeful impact on the planet, let's talk!

About Us

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The 4th Element of Category Design
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